Data Vizualisation

We will make it easier to identify patterns, trends, and outliers in large data sets with some insightful Google Data Studio dashboards.

Data Warehousing

Let us help you own a central repository of information that can be analyzed to make more informed decisions faster and accurately.

Data Consultation

We can help you design the research plans used in data gathering,  participate in interpreting data analysis, and develop action plans. 

Offering You

Tailored SolutionsBranded DashboardsHigher ROI

Tailored Solution

We have helped thousands of small and medium-scale companies to streamline their data pipelines to empower their businesses. They simply loved what we built for them. Click the button below to read more!

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Business Intelligence Dashboards

A BI dashboard is a business intelligence tool which allows users to track, analyze and report on key performance indicators and other metrics. BI dashboards typically visualize data in charts, graphs and maps which helps stakeholders understand, share and collaborate on the information.

  • Progress Tracking 

  • Provide Useful Insights

  • Prescriptive or Predicticve

  • Updates Regularly

Some Of Our Case Studies

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Loft has helped over 320 Real Estate Agencies with more than 6000 agents. We helped Loft47 to build a comprehensive brokerage dashboard using Google BigQuery and Data Studio.

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Amped Marketing

We helped Amped Marketing to build a Next-Gen LinkedIn leads management dashboard using Dux-Soup, Google BigQuery, and Google Data Studio proving real-time insights.

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North Group

Automating Google Sheets-based Real Estate CRM using Google BigQuery and Google Data Studio to provide daily insights to all of the real estate agents at their finger tips

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What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

“The best!”

Working with Data Studio Labs was a game changer for our team at Loft47. Our project was very complicated and relied on mass amounts of Real Estate data. They not only understood the data set but worked wonders with our data to deliver intelligent, creative, and accurate reports for our client base. I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!

Sasha Hryciuk 


We worked with Data Studio Labs to help Amped Marketing to figure out how to build our dashboards at scale since we were growing rapidly.  They went out of their way to help us clean and model our data properly to be ready for BigQuery to have accelerated dashboards that were scaleable to all of our clients and new ones coming on. 

Scott Wright

“High Standard!”

Data Studio Labs always completes any assignment on time and to a high standard. Considers problems as a challenge and enjoys finding creative yet appropriate solutions.
Data Studio Labs is able to work out their own solutions, but also worked well with our team to solve problems.



Maria Marvel

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If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise looking for a data analytics partner, that could be Data Studio Labs. We will help you leverage the world’s most valuable asset “Data” for you!


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